Summer fun 2016

This is what summer looks like in the country in Ohio.  Homemade slip n slides. And yes, the kids get hurt sometimes.  We call these Summer knees in our house. You know I the knees that are all scabby and scratched up from falling and playing to hard. I love  summer because I love the sun.  It does something special to my soul. It radiates a good feeling from the outside in.  I can lay out In the yard (no we don’t have a pool) on my blanket and get my tan on.  We can take our kids out to my dads pond and let them swim and fish.  We can have cook outs with out friends and summer kick offs just for fun.  
We get to stay up as late as we want, and we get to sleep in too.  Summer is a time for friends and families.  It’s a time for cook outs and for yard games. Bring on the hillbilly golf, and the corn hole! It’s time to get out your bicycles, and your kick balls, and your golf clubs.

It’s a time for ice cold beer, bottles of wine and lots of hamburgers and hot dogs. 

It’s also time to bust out your dresses, your flip flops, your cute sandals and those super sexy shirts.  If you guys could see the amount of summer clothes and shoes in my closet versus the winter things you would honestly think I live in Florida.  I call that denial at its best.  I met my husband at the beach, and so I think our hearts will forever reside there.  And one day we will buy our retirement home at a beach somewhere.  

But until then I will cherish my summers in Ohio. I will take advantage of the weather and the all of the amazing things that come along with it.  I will spend time doing what makes my heart happy and I will do it with those that I love the most!

Here’s to summer 2016! Let’s get busy making some awesome memories.

Tavia Hayduk 937-210-2306

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