What it really means to be a GiGi

This is my very first grand baby ever! Her name is Tatum and she is practically perfect in every way.  She’s going to be turning 1 soon so I thought I would tell you about all of the joy she has brought to us.  You see now that’s she here I don’t exactly know how I lived without her.  Having a grand kid is just like having your own kid, until you experience it you cannot explain it.  This little girl was a gift from God and she came at just the perfect time.  I am always amazed by how things work out in life and how God always has a plan.

  I am lucky enough to get to watch this little squirt 2 times a week, and you can bet your bottom dollar that when she’s here nothing else matters.  The house can stay a hot mess, the bills can wait to be paid, and the laundry will be there when she leaves.  I choose to be present when she’s around.  I know how fast life goes by, and I know that I want to live in the moment.  

Tatum has brought the family closer together and she has helped heal past hurts.  She is amazing in every way and I am so lucky that I get to be her GiGi! If your already a grandparent then you know exactly what I’m talking about, And if your not a grand yet just wait until you are! Your heart will explode with a new love.

Tavia Hayduk

937-210-2306.  Taviahayduk.nerium.com.         Taytay514@yahoo.com

P.S. Today’s a Tatum day 💕

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