Why Nerium is the best company around

If you purchased wrinkle cream at an upscale retail store, the results you would get from their product would be in the 3-5% range.  However, after using Nerium for 90 days your results would be in the 30%  range, on average. I don’t know about you, but if I’m spending that kind of money on a product I would expect better results then 3-5%.  

I’ve had tons of people ask me, “if Nerium is so good, then why isn’t it in the stores? Why isn’t it on TV? Why don’t I see commercials for it everywhere?” Well, I’m going to take a little time to explain that to you today.  

Jeff Olson is the leader of our company.  When they came to him and asked him how they should market this product, he knew immediately that network marketing was the way to go.  There is power in your personal network.  People buy things from people they trust, from people they like, and from people they know.  

So if Nerium were, let’s say, in Macy’s or Sephora, then it would cost 4 times the price it is now.  Do you know why? Because the retailer wants to make money so they jack up the prices in order to get paid.  But with Nerium, they didn’t want the stores to make the money.  They wanted to give average people just like you and I an opportunity to  successfully run a business however we choose. 

So here I am running a side business. With this company, I get to make money, I get free products, I work when I want to work, and I get to help others look and feel good about themselves.  When you tell someone you like a movie and they go see it, do you get rewarded? What about if you tell your friends about an awesome restaurant and they go eat there.  Does that restaurant give you a free meal? What about if you buy a new car and your friends love it so much they go buy the same one, are you rewarded by the car dealership? 

The answer is No to all of the above.  However with Nerium, you actually get rewarded for your endorsements.  You get a referral fee. Every time you tell one of your friends about Nerium and they become a customer, you are rewarded. You have the opportunity to get free product just because you told your friend that you love Nerium.  I would much rather get credit for the referral then have the store get the credit and the money.

We do not pay for advertisement.  We have been featured in Glamour and , Lifestyle watch and many other popular magazines.  Nerium international is ranked #1 in consumer products and service in Inc. 500.  This company is amazing and it’s going big places. If your not getting free product, maybe you should ask yourself why not?

Nerium has a proven turn key business system, they have exclusive breakthrough products with patents that no one else can ever use, and we are backed by real science and scientists from Princeton university and Signum Bioscience.   We also have weekly professional development available on Monday nights to ensure your success and to keep you plugged in with like minded people.

Refer everyone and get nothing, or refer everyone and get rewarded for it. 



Taytay514@yahoo.com.  Tay Tays Fresh Faces on FB and IG


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