Commit to you

Every morning when I wake up I try to be thankful.  I try to start my day off in a more positive manner then I have in the past.  Instead of waking up and thinking, I didn’t get any sleep last night,  yuck it’s Monday, and today’s  going to suck I stop those thoughts right in the middle of them.  I don’t even ridicule myself when they start out negative.  I actually give myself a little chuckle and I say whoa there girl, remember your new self talk and then I immediately release the feelings of negativity.  I then gently remind myself how lucky I am! I have a wonderful house and a lovely family.  I have a bed and lots of food to fill my belly.  I am lucky to have 2 jobs, that I love dearly, and I am lucky in love and friendship.  This  simple shift in my daily thought process has significantly changed my days for the better.  Being conscious, being present and being mindful are all ways to become whole again with yourself.  It doesn’t happen over night, but it does happen when you take the time to practice self love and self care.  It happens when you decide the voice in your head needs to change.  The first step to change, is to wonder where those voices come from and why they are even there. If you can question yourself as to why you think a certain way, then you my friend have already begun your journey.  Learn to honor and love yourself it’s never to late to learn something new and your never to old change your ways for the better.

Tavia Hayduk

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