Summer Begins

It’s the first day of summer in my house! My daughters last day of school was yesterday, and my hubby is a teacher so his last day is today.  Summer is my favorite, because  I love the sunshine! It radiates my heart and it fills my soul from the outside in.  Summer has a special way of making me feel like a kid again. I love tanned feet and burnt cheeks! I love the amount of time that summer allows for having fun, for hanging out, and for enjoying friends and family.  Summer brings with it a certain hope, that’s not present during the winter months.  Summer says lets go play outside and that means a lot of kids  screaming, squealing and laughing.  Summer means water balloons and slip n slides.  It says lets have a cook out with friends.  It says, lets go swimming and play some yard games. It says lets go on a family vacation. Summer says, lets take sometime to recharge. It’s says lets sunbathe in the yard and drink some wine.  Summer says lets go to the drive in and it also says who wants to have a fire? Summer has a way of helping you let go of things you no longer need.  It helps you to forgive and to heal, and it helps you to move on.  Summer is a gift to my soul, and I am one lucky lady to have a family who loves Summer as much as I do.  I encourage each of you to find your happy and to let it shine.  

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