I love that we get to run our business the way we choose.  Want to have lunch? Want to have a drink? Want me to come to your house? Want to not see me at all? The choice is yours.  I also love it when we have events, and our team comes to town.  It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by people who have the same goals as you do.  My first event I was excited about,  but I was also a little nervous.  Nervous because it’s new,  it’s out of my comfort zone.  Flash forward a month and I’m not scared at all this time.  The more I learn about Nerium the more confident I feel sharing it. I love the products, I love the people and the pay was an added bonus I didn’t even see coming.  I love watching Nerium university live from my living room every Monday. Your probably wondering what the heck Nerium university is.   It’s on every Monday night and it’s a way for us to learn new things about our company, products, and promotions.  There are a variety of people who teach it.  When your going to run a business you need people behind you who are motivated and will help you.  That’s one of my favorite parts of Nerium is that I have a team. Don’t be fooled my judgment at first was all “I don’t even know if I want a team”!  4 months in and I am singing a different tune.  I realized that even though this is my business we actually work as a group! We help each other and we encourage each other.  If we have a question guess who we call? !  If we need a swift kick in the ass who do we call? If you need anything you have a friend to call.  I am super excited to see who turns out tonight to support me.  The more people the better! I love hanging out with my friends and having a drink, now I get to do it more often and call it work! If you want to change your life,  I encourage you to be brave, to take a risk and live your life how you choose.  Don’t let fear control you. You are good enough to do what ever you so choose.  You have everything inside you that you already need to succeed and if your on our team you know I will never let you down.  So here’s to tonight and here’s to you.  I will see you all at 7:00!

Tavia Hayduk 937-210-2306

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