Good Friday morning friends! I hope you are all had a wonderful week! I started with Nerium International in February and it’s been quite the ride so far.  I’m pretty sure I have grown more in the last 4 months then I have in 4 years.  How have I grown you ask? Well you see when you have to do something that you know very little to nothing about, then it’s called putting yourself out there.  I remember when I first got out of beauty school, I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.  Yes I went school and I graduated, but the real learning came when I cut a hole in someone’s hair where I should NOT have.  It came when I tried to foil this girls hair, and I didn’t close the foil tight enough so she had bleed marks all over her head.  It came when I cut the lid off of the perm solution, (but only I cut it diagonal) and then proceeded to squirt it in the ladies eye.  No she wasn’t blind and yes she actually came back.  The point is, more  and more learning, but only by doing. I learned that if you wax a hole in your sisters eyebrow, she can just use her bangs to cover it up and it will grow back soon.  I was thinking today how I learn the most by messing up so I will embrace these screw ups in my Nerium business as well.  I will own that I’m super duper good at getting the samples out and taking the pictures, and I’m not so good at the follow up.  Why am I not good? Because it’s awkward and not something I’m used to.  I mean Nerium is amazing it sells itself to many people however you are going to have way more no’s then you do yeses! You are going to have to check your ego at the door every single time you try to take it personal.  It’s not a no to you, its not about you.  This makes my ass be ever present.  I can make up some stories in my head about people and why they will or why they won’t like Nerium.  When this happens I just stop myself and laugh now.  I am like girlfriend what on earth!? If you never ask it’s always a no.  If you assume the worst you will attract the worst.  If your hanging out on the fence then that’s where you will stay.  If your in network marketing and you ever need a friend I am here for you.  I will encourage you when you need it and I will either kick you in the butt or I will hug you and listen.  Ready for a change and some self growth plus extra money and free products? Here’s my information 🤗



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