Pause Please

I’ve reached the time in my life known as “the change”. Yep that’s right 42 years old and starting some menopause.  If your reading this and you think I’m to young, then congratulations you are part of the norm.  If I had a dollar for every time someone said that to me, I would be freakin rich! I myself have come up with a standard comeback and I simply say, “Tell my ovaries that.” I used to see women have hot flashes and wonder what all of the fuss was about.  That’s right, I judged and I thought they were exaggerating.  It turns out, I was wrong and these things are no joke.  It comes out of no where, and starts in the pit of my belly and then it proceeds to work its way up to my head! At this point I look red faced drunk and I’m stripping off my layered clothing.  Then comes the sweaty forehead, sweaty boobs, and sweaty pits.  What on earth kind of change is this? Can I skip it? Can we jump forward a few years? Night sweats, no sleep, grouchy ass moods, and all around who are you!? What did you do with Tavia?  I remember when I first started this process a few years ago and they said I was “peri-menopausal”!I had fun throwing that word around because obviously this was a once in a lifetime deal.   I just had my blood work done last week and the nurse called to tell me I was now officially in menopause.  Well alright then, that explains a lot.  I promptly shared this news with my husband who looked at me stone cold and said “Did you really need a blood test to tell you that?” Well actually I did, kind of! It really explains a lot about my moods, and my short term memory, along with my fact that my brain is officially STUCK on pause and every now and then I flip my lid.  I cannot make a decision to save my life.  I forget who or what we are talking about right in the middle of the conversation. I get really hot and then really cold.  So basically I wrote this so you could understand the pause! I will survive it by laughing at myself and drinking a lot of wine and then writing about it.  If your on pause please know that you are not alone, I am pausing with you.

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