How do you learn?

How do you learn? I learn many different ways.  I learn when I read a book, that teaches me something new and exciting. I learn when I am parenting and I make a huge mistake that is normally followed up with some humble pie.  I learn by watching other people in my life and listening to their stories.  I learn by trying new things that are totally out of my comfort zone and that make me feel alive.  I learn by praying and by pouring my heart out, because it makes me vulnerable and then I grow.  I learn by stumbling, because I always get back up and brush my shoulders off.  I learn when I exercise what it feels like to have a happy soul.  I learn from music, it’s a necessity (enough said). I learn from my marriage to be faithful and frustrated.  I learn because I choose to learn.  I learn because it makes me grow! I learn because it’s a privilege and I learn so I can share with you.  

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