Mid life happy

So I’m feeling a bit nostalgic this morning since it’s the eve of my birthday! Upon my reflection of myself I realized that this is the age where some people have a mid-life Crisis! But it’s your lucky day because this is my story and it does not involve a crisis per say.  My teen years had to be some of the most awkward times of my life as I’m sure many of you can attest to! I survived high school just fine and then came my 20’s.  My 20’s were wild! I was on a mission, I wanted out of Ohio and out of this town, I wanted to be whoever I chose to be not what this town had labeled me.  I should also add a disclaimer here about my 20’s- I have zero regrets! I love that wild child, that take no shit from anyone girl, I love her fierceness and I love her courage and Iimage loved her confidence! I believe if you were ever wild it’s impossible to not miss it! So I for sure did not miss out on anything during my 20’S and because of that I have some really good stories to tell today!  In my 20’s I also met 2 of the most important people in my life still today and that would be Lajla and Jon! (During our wedding toast my sister Abbe summed it up by saying “Jon  you must really special if you are able to tame this one”)   Half of all of my stories begin with me and Lajla and most are inappropriate and maybe one day I will share them with you. My 30’s were all about being a good wife, and a good mother, and a great volunteer.  My 30’s more than any other part of my life seemed to be about pleasing everyone else more then myself and somewhere in there I started to lose that wild child.  I loved being a mom and a wifey it’s just that this part got really confusing because I thought for a while being good at those other things meant I couldn’t also take care of myself! So my advice to those of you in your 30’s,  life is a balance even if you lose yourself here you will find yourself again very soon on the other side, which brings me to my 40’s.  I am learning how and why I tick! I am diving deeper into me then I ever have before!  I am pushing the boundaries of my beliefs and I am taking risks like no other! You see I am not going to have a mid life crisis, I’m going to have a mid life coming to! The next few years are dedicated to me and what can I grow and what can I learn and what can I be! I love being able to look inside myself and challenge myself and my feelings and my emotions! It’s no mistake I found nerium and menopause at the same time! One makes me insane and the other keeps me sane! There is no right or wrong in life, there is no room for regret, every situation and every moment is exactly as it should be! You are perfect, you are exceptional and you are enough!  It’s your story and you get to choose its ending!

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