The struggle is real

image.pngTalking to friends and family about Nerium can be awkward at times.  Why do you think this is? I thinks it’s because of preconceived notions and judgments that people aren’t even aware of.  I hear my people tell me about their struggles with money, or struggles with time and I want to offer them the same opportunity that was offered to me.  Now here comes the weirdness! Is it partly in my head because I’m new to this and I’m just learning myself? Is is partly in their head because they think it’s a scam or a scheme of some sort.  Or is it just fear that paralyzes people from achieving and wanting more? I’m beginning to think that all of these factors play a role in these situations.  Here’s what I can tell  you consciously, and from my heart not my head.  I am not successful because I work in the hair salon, I’m not successful becauseo I’m around more people than you, I’m not successful because of my outgoing personality, I’m not successful because I have some super human wonder powers that you don’t have.  Everyone in our company is given the same kit with the same instructions.  We all get the 10 core commitments and we all started exactly in the same spot.  The opportunity is the same for everyone involved, the choice to do it everyday is going to be where the difference is.  I decided to get out of my own head, I decided to take a chance In life and I decided to expand my dreams and my knowledge.  I can only hope that one day you are beside me on this journey and it’s you who’s growing and expanding their dreams! Until then carry on my friends, and remember you only get one life and it’s going by real fast💕

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