3 Months in 3 Minutes

Good Monday morning my friends! I hope your weekend was awesome and you enjoyed your mothers💕.  I am going to share with you what I’ve learned on this journey so far and your going be glad I did because it’s going to save you some time.   First things first in the world of network marketing, Instagram is the opposite of Facebook! What do I mean by this? I mean you can’t just like things and keep on scrolling.  You have to comment, interact and make new friends.  You have to build relationships with people, you need to turn your cold market into your warm market.  So Now I’m making friends with complete strangers on IG  (I was all stranger danger before this) and its amazingly fun. Next you need to know that everyone wants your email address and this is how they go about getting it.  They create something informative and it entices you and so you click on it, then boom your redirected to their capture page where you can only learn their secrets by entering your email.  Do I want your email? Yes I do! In 3 months I’ve spent countless hours watching webinars and listening to webinars that have provided very little real information on growing my business. If I’m smart enough to figure this out and I am only a few months in, then I’m guessing it won’t be long before you all figure it out too.  Do I want to learn? Hells yes I do, but I don’t think what I’ve learned thus far is equal to the amount of hours I have put in trying to learn it! I will figure it out one day and I will share with you! image

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