One day at a time

imageI had a friend who wanted me to try her product, so like any good friend would do I totally ignored her like 5 times! Why did I ignore her? Because I didn’t want what she was selling, hell I didn’t even want her free sample.  I looked up the price and then my preconceived notions and judgments went ballistic. Oh no thank you sister girlfriend I would never spend that kind of money on myself. Well fast forward a couple of months and I did finally try her Nerium. I even made fun of it for the first few nights, still thinking this stuff cannot work. Turns out I for the first time in my life was wrong! How could this be? How could this stuff actually be working ? So now I’m singing a different tune, I’m like I need this in my life, I think I might want to sell it so I can get it for free of course.  So for 2 weeks I sat on the fence, I will call this excitement versus anxiety.  Excitement comes because I love the product and I can’t wait to see my face in a few months.  Anxiety because I don’t sell things, I do hair and I don’t even sell my people hairspray.  There’s no way I could possibly sell Nerium. I would also like to add at this point I had a different view of others.  I was annoyed because everyone was selling something.  Then something very real and enlightening began to happen, I actually decided to try to look at things from a different perspective.  WHY was everyone selling something? Why am I against it and Where did my judgment come from? This is when I began grow as a person and I realized that I was exactly where I needed to be in my life.  I needed to grow spiritually and as a person. I needed to challenge myself in new ways and I needed to question all of my thoughts and feelings in order to be conscious! I did get my product free and then I actually got some customers and then I even made some money. So you see my friends, you can change your thoughts and your life if you choose to do that💕 A person who ignores you is never a no🆗 And if you can get out of your own head and find a mentor to help you on this journey it will be the best choice you’ve made yet!

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